About MBU

The objects of the Trust are poverty, education and medical relief
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About Manav Bharti University

The Manav Bharti Charitable Trust (MBCT) is a not for profit making Trust. The objects of the Trust are poverty, education, medical relief and any other object of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit. MBCT provides scholarships, fellowships, stipends or other periodically monetary help to deserving students. It is also helping and supporting the poor, destitute, widows and orphans. MBCT has established various educational institutes for spreading quality education at economical prices.

Manav Bharti University was established in 2009 under the H.P. Private University (Establishment & Regulation) Act and is owned by Manav Bharti Charitable Trust with the aim to advance and disseminate the knowledge and maintain highest standard of learning through teaching, research, extension education programme and conceptual aspects relevant to the need of the state. The University is committed to make all round social transformation through spread of quality education in rural area.

Two free charitable hospitals cum laboratories are being run by “Manav Bharti Charitable Trust” for needy and poor people. This trust has earned a reputation in the field of employment based education.

Manav Bharti University is a government recognized University with the right to confer degrees as per the sections 2f and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956.

Our Objectives

Undergraduate Study

A) provide instructions, teaching and training in higher education programmes.

B) provide facilities for education and training.

C) carry out teachings, research and offer continuing education programmes.

D) create centers of excellence for research and development relevant to the needs of the state and for sharing knowledge and its application.

E) Institute Degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions on the basis of examination or any such other method; while doing so, the University shall ensure that the standards of degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions are not lower than those laid by regulating bodies.

Manav Bharti University (MBU) strives to educate and nurture the unexploited talent of youth needed for the dynamic and highly competitive world. We offer you and many more youths like you an opportunity to realize your dreams of becoming one of the best professionals dedicated to the alleviation of sufferings of humanity and the development of the nation.

MBU teach, train and prepare the students to tackle any situation independently to achieve higher degree of excellence in professionalism. The university is equipped with state of the art, modern equipments, instruments, computers, teaching aids, multimedia and other audio visual facilities, library with on line access and wi-fi connectivity required for effective modern teaching. MBU endeavour has been to develop it as a lively and throbbing centre of learning and research. MBU offer wide range of professional programmes in the form of diplomas, undergraduates and post graduate courses in IT, Ayurveda, Paramedical Sciences, Law, Fashion Technology, Management, Yoga and Naturopathy managed by highly experienced faculty. MBU maintain an herbal garden having a collection of more than 800 medicinal plants; some of these plants are rare and endangered species. The university is focusing on providing education and facilities to the downtrodden strata and rural youth of society with particular focus on woman folk in the region.